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Jee4me Cup - Rules written by spighty, 2011-03-15 18:45 CET (14 comments)

Cup System:

-> Single Elimination
-> All matches must be played during Sunday, 3rd April 2011 -> CHECK IN starts at 12:00. Cup begins at 14:00.

Match mode:

Every Match will be played a bo3, except of the final. The final will be played a bo5.
Caution: If there will be more than 50 check-ins, the first round will be a bo1.
-> For bo1: Both players eliminate until theres only 1 map left. A cointoss decides, who will eliminate the first map.
-> For bo3: Both players choose their favorite map. If it's needed to play a third map, it will be chosen by elimination, the player who fragged the most during the 2 first maps eliminates the first map.
-> For bo5: Both players choose 2 maps (alternately played), the 5th map will be chosen by elimination (same way like bo3 system).
-> Server Selection: The Matches will be played on the server with the least ping-difference between the both opponents.

Caution: It's forbidden to play a map twice in a match!


-> Screenshots must be taken and immediately sent to spighty to accept the result.
-> Demos must be recorded starting with the quarterfinals and immediately sent to spighty.
-> Some demos will be uploaded to http://UnrealNorth.com [unrealnorth.com] with player's agreement.

-> IRC: #JeeSports.UT, xfire: spight08, msn: spightn1@hotmail.de


-> Presence at #JeeSports.UT @Quakenet




-> 1st: 100€

Soo?! Who will win the 100€?! Maybe it's YOU!
HFGL! And happy subscribing!
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